About Us

  • Located at 116 Broad St. Berlin, MD 21811

         Store hours Monday-Thursday 10:00a-5:30p Friday 10:00a-6:00p Saturday 10:00a-5:30p Sunday 12:00p-4:00p


  • Patty Jean's is an online boutique dedicated to the memory of my mom, Patty Jean O'Toole.  She was a creative spirit who loved to dress her little girls in matching outfits that she would stay up all night sewing the nights before special occasions. When my sisters and I were young, she worked as a pattern maker for the Lee Jeans Company.  Because Mom worked there, sometimes my sisters and I got to be models for new products in fashion meetings.  I can remember walking down the make-shift runway in the middle of the boardroom, all of the executives smiling up at us in our colored jeans and matching tops. 
  • At the age of four and five, I went through a phase of insisting that dresses were the only thing to wear for every occasion.  During grade school, we would sometimes come home to the surprise of new outfits on our beds.  Our Mom loved to hunt for bargains at department store sales and shared with us the joy of her finds. She instilled the thrill of the hunt for bargains in all four of us.
    I can remember paying attention to trends of my childhood like brightly colored Esprit clothes and crazy Swatch watches of the 1980s. In high school, I started to pay more attention to fashion: watching what my friends wore, taking a trip to Chicago for a fashion design class, and getting my hair cut in the latest looks.  
    Fashion has always been something I have paid attention to.  The idea of coordinating an outfit for whatever occasion thrills and excites me.  One of my favorite things to do is to go shopping with others. Whenever my sisters visit, we go out in search of affordable, trendy things to enhance our wardrobes.  
  • I started Patty Jean's because I wanted to create a shopping experience for women and girls who like to have fun with style, who like to look fabulous and take a chance with the latest trends and styles, like me.  The items I pick for Patty Jean's are girly, fun, stylish, and colorful with different patterns and textures.  I want to help others infuse their wardrobe with items that they love and feel good about wearing.  
  • Patty Jean's is located in Berlin, Maryland, where I live with my family of four, near the Atlantic Coast.  My husband Mike works as the head chef at a popular local seafood restaurant called Macky's Bayside Bar and Grill.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in for some crab cakes!

  • Patty Jean's Online Boutique began in April of 2014 with the assistance of my loving and supportive husband, Mike. He encouraged me to go for what I have always dreamed of doing. He has helped me with the start-up research and all of the licensing for the business.  He knows me so well, that he recently gave me a brand new closet to house my ever-changing wardrobe. Several friends and family members have helped me by modeling clothes, taking pictures, sharing products, hosting home boutique parties, creating the logo and collaborating on the design of the site.  Without them, Patty Jean's would still just be a dream!